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A website by Aurora and Dylan

“We never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.”

-Treebeard, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

We write poems and short stories as well as movie, book, and play reviews. Some Instagram accounts and Spotify playlists are linked here as well for anyone that’s interested in our creative processes. Requests for specific reviews (movie, book, etc.) are welcome. We also love receiving and providing constructive feedback so leave a comment! No ads, no judgement, just artists and ideas.

  • Little to the Rest
    A well and working woman who deducts a merry toonfrom each her small and meager check as the many seem … Read more
  • slept in 3
    I had a series of dreams all nightmares really old ones at that all out of context and all frightening. … Read more
  • the last word
    There's something to say about the last word. Of a book, poem, conversation, or relationship. Even though it’s the last … Read more
  • ___, Cos, Tan
    There once was an action that created a sound and in essence of being was something somewhat profound. And maybe … Read more
  • Somehow it’s Normal to Treat People This Way
    Our Mother expresses an impressiveamount of cruelty under the name’s of Courage, Justice, and Motherhood.
  • Our Day in The New Land
    Part three of the Adam and Eve poem series

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