Little to the Rest

A well and working woman 
who deducts a merry toon
from each her small and meager check
as the many seem to swoon.

And of those of which are watching
are a merry bunch indeed
as they near the whispers of the toon
to which the dancers freed.

But there's no one who can hear it
save each dancing on their own
it's a song to help the watched
feel just a little more alone.

When each sway feels like a tumbling
and each touch brings in more fear
its the toon that slows the moment
to a dull unbudding cheer.

Then the touches feel like butterflies
and the hoots are owl calls
and the people round the stage
are white rabbited monocles.

And the moment becomes something blurry
but the songs continue on
so its easier not to notice what's happened
till work is over and it's dawn.

And that's the nightly cycle
a working dancer must repeat
as she blots away the bruises
and ignores her aching feet.

There's someone in her corner
who she'd slave for any day
They're a small and kindly child
that she just want's to see and have stay.


slept in 3

I had a series of dreams 
all nightmares really

old ones at that
all out of context
and all frightening.

I'd forgotten
to be scared though
and after years of running
I had a dream where I just stopped.

I opened the desperately barricaded door
and nothing happened.

There is nothing more frightening
than feeling you need to hide
away whatever it is that makes
you different.


the last word

There's something to say 
about the last word.
Of a book, poem,
conversation, or relationship.

Even though it’s the last
of everything that came before
it still shapes the future.

Somehow it’s Normal to Treat People This Way

Our Mother expresses an impressive
amount of cruelty
under the name’s
of Courage, Justice,
and Motherhood.
Christian Poetry

Our Day in The New Land

Adam: "You've been missing
you've been gone! Now
where have you been?
We're you off in your
folly causing another
such sin?"

Eve: "The snake then had tricked me.
I know of that now
and you used it against me?
What purpose does that serve now?

I was gone in the forest
seeking peace from our plight.
Fore you've seemed often cross
by the glimpse of my sight.

And I'm trying my best
but you never quite see.
I'm sorry your stuck
on this earth with just me."

Adam: "I didn't mean that
in that way
that you've said.
I was worried
and I missed you
And thought you were dead.

And you left me alone
by myself in this land.
A life without people is one
you can't understand.

I'm sorry I've hurt you.
It's just everything's new
and I don't know what is right
or what I really should do."
Christian Poetry

On The Brink of Her Folly

Adam: "You didn't."

Eve: "I've done it
and now I can see.
You really must join me
that's how it must be."

Adam: "I can't. I wont.
This thing is not right.
You've doomed us to separate,
to be lone every night!"

Eve: "I was tricked."

Adam: "You were tricked?"

Eve: "Yes by him the snake there."

Adam: "I see not a snake
and know snakes to be fair."

Eve: "It's true! You must believe it.
You wont eat if you don't.
And when God sees this sin
I alone will be smote."

Adam: "Perhaps that is just."

Eve: "Can you think such a thing?
I wanted to be like God
Thought happiness
it would bring."

Adam: "He still said we shouldn't."

Eve: "I know and I've done.
Please love come with me
perhaps we can run."

Adam: "To where?
I know not of a place that's not here.
If you know of such a one then make that
now more clear."

Eve: "I don't."

Adam: "There you see!
You'd have me doomed as well
and did a place such exist it
may surely be hell."

Eve: "No I think he'll forgive
he's known you more than I
and would let us both live."

Adam: "Perhaps. But what if not?"

Eve: "Would you want to live alone?
Even after all of this us was shown?"

The place took a silence as Adam
then sought
for an answer that was different
than the one he was fraught.
Christian Poetry

On the Eve of her birth

Adam: "I love you."

Eve: "I love you? But how is that so?
I'm the only one here
that you could now know."

Adam: "Well there's nothing like you
in this wood or it's night.
And even the flowers all grow
of less bright. You're something
I know that I not understand
but the purpose of you is that
you're everything grand.
You're like me."

Eve: "I'm like you?"

Adam: "Yes! You don't understand
but the you that make's you
is what make me a man."


space wizards

Where is my space man? 
Where is my dream?
Why is this life
not what it would seem?

Where are the wizards?
And who's hidden up the Fae?
and why does no one question
why the magics gone away?

I miss the happy endings
teenage hero's, sleuths, and spy's.
And the slew of olden knowledge
passed by the well meaning and wise.

Where have the Dragons gone
I do wish they'd chose to stay
but now we've gotten older
they no longer want to play.

I miss those great journey's;
the giants, foes, and swords.
And really fully wondering
where the ends careening towards.


God's not made of other; 
He’s built on more.

His Lego Son

If I built a Lego Sun 
would it light your world with loads of fun?

And if I built a vast terrain
would your joy grow full without refrain?

And what of cities, farms, and storms
and a Lego fire that always warms?

or a Lego man to hold you tight
in the deep of winter or dark of night?

Where if you asked I'd always give
so you'd never have or want to live.

You wouldn't need a Lego Savior
to change your heart and bad behavior

You'd do what was asked, and do it well
but of the experience what could you tell?

You wouldn't know of you and yours
or the value and joy of doing chores.

So do you resign to the other choice
to lead a life without a voice?

Or would you want to do your best
to learn and grow while in the test?