Kids Stories

Of Frogs and Love

Once upon a time there was a frog named Jeremy and he was only 3 years old. He was like any normal small green frog except he was in love. He was in love with a tall, long beaked, pink bird. Her name was Trish; and she was a flamingo. 

Jeremy had fallen for her the very moment he laid his eyes on her a whole 17 minutes ago. She was tall, slender, flamboyant, and just so balanced. Jeremy had tried to get her attention before but she'd almost stepped on him by mistake. Because of this Jeremy knew that he had to make a plan.

So he got a friend bullfrog to place a rock on a tall leaf to later launch him toward her where she would have to notice him. Jett the bullfrog was skeptical about the whole thing but knew Jeremy would keep trying with or without his help. Finally when everything was set up Jeremy knew that this was the moment. He gulped. Never in his life had he been so nervous before but then again he had never been in love before either. This was it. The moment he'd been waiting for all his life or maybe just the last 17 minutes but it didn't matter how long it was because this was his moment.

So he took it. With a squeak like croak he pushed the rock off the big leaf and in an instant he was flying, soaring towards Trish. But wait! That's when Jeremy saw HIM. A pink and slender bird walking towards Trish. In that split second Jeremy knew Trish was taken with this pink bird and Jeremy's heart was broken.

Instead of flying past her like planned Jeremy landed on Trish's back as she turned towards this other bird. Maybe Trish hadn't noticed him but the other bird certainly had. This birds name was Jeff. Jeremy knew that had to be his name because no other name could capture the ugliness of the look Jeff was giving Jeremy.

Jeff took a few steps closer to Trish before opening his mouth and trying to bite at Jeremy! Luckily Jeremy jumped just in time to land on Jeff's head and not in his mouth. Then Jeff pulled his head up so quickly that he sent Jeremy flying once again in a direction Jeremy had never been before but he was too sad to care.

That's when Jeremy realized something. If Trish could love someone as awful as Jeff then Jeremy couldn't trust her judgement. What if she didn't like to swim in the ponds or if she hated catching flies?" With all these idea's going through his head Jeremy realized that he'd never really been in love before.

Jeremy landed in the edge of the pond next to the never before explored shore with a the smallest "Plunk" sound. He swam to the edge and onto the dirt bank. What was Jeremy to do now? How was he supposed to continue on without the love he'd grown so accustomed to?

He was sad. Sad enough that he couldn't bring himself to look at the pink flamingo feather lying on the ground ahead of him. At least not until it started hopping toward him.

That's when he realized it wasn't a pink flamingo feather at all but a small pink frog. A pink frog named Tiffany to specific. And she was looking at him as if he was the best leaf green frog she'd ever seen.

That was the moment Jeremy fell in love with someone who had fallen in love him as well. And this love felt much happier than any other he'd felt before.

The End.