That time Apart

A simple moment  
And sullen toon.
The ghastly face
Of him the loon. 

In midst of the crowd 
Or aside by the bar
That ludicrous voice
Both near side and far.

A carnival setting
At night unlike most
Where each little child 
is totally engrossed.

There are no adults.
Not a single in sight.
Now there is a way
we can thicken our plight. 

A place without rules
where life is a joke
and everyone's heard
without having spoken.

Imagine the problems
of a world like that then
you're free to be you
but who'd you be then?

I’m still here loving you

A slowly taken step 
A widely made mistake
A backbreaking discovery
Leaving pain in its wake.

A moment come and gone
A one you’d hoped to stay
But who on earth could tell
What’d happen on that day?

A child lain to rest
And mother left to live
But really what did God expect
When he took all she could give?

Somewhere past this life 
A tiny hand does rest
Upon that mothers bowed back
Instead of on her chest.