God's not made of other; 
He’s built on more.

His Lego Son

If I built a Lego Sun 
would it light your world with loads of fun?

And if I built a vast terrain
would your joy grow full without refrain?

And what of cities, farms, and storms
and a Lego fire that always warms?

or a Lego man to hold you tight
in the deep of winter or dark of night?

Where if you asked I'd always give
so you'd never have or want to live.

You wouldn't need a Lego Savior
to change your heart and bad behavior

You'd do what was asked, and do it well
but of the experience what could you tell?

You wouldn't know of you and yours
or the value and joy of doing chores.

So do you resign to the other choice
to lead a life without a voice?

Or would you want to do your best
to learn and grow while in the test?


Brooks Bear

He is barely a banana 
barely a peel
making you wonder
is banana bear real?

I know that he is
cause I know what he feel
and if you have honey
he will cut you a deal.

The color of sun
and loves to have fun
but if you get close
he is speedy to run.

A bear all the same
with teeth, fur, and claws
but a good one at that
he abides by the laws.

He'll be your best friend
if you need a pal
but if you are mean
"will he leave?" yes he shall.


I am chastened 
not by his anger
but by my God's worry

chutes and ladders

They were everywhere 
my failures were part of a larger canvas
that was painting my success.


Moving on my Own

And in a moment 
my business became my business
and I didn't like it one bit


I know you don’t understand but please keep trying

"But really if I'd loved you more 
would you have really hurt any less?"

"Yes Mom. It's been crushing
to have not had you by my side."

Written on Old Papers

he called me family
for the very first time."


Pictionary Protest

He smiled. 
My face felt so hot
my hand grabbed his arm
and I wanted him to know why.

At that moment he was an exact quote;
a Shakespeare.


just an imaginative and purposeful spur

Had I been a metaphor 
soaring from an old wizards lips
and built on the imagination of his listener
a tale on someone that just needed to try
a little harder to get exactly that thing they'd worked for.
I think whether I made it to success or not
being a wizards tale would've been enough.
But I guess today I must fill the story tellers seat
leaving the wizard to be the me I've wish to be.
And in that I mean a fantasy.