grow yourself always

I don't suppose 
religion ever gave
the right of judgement
to any unkind soul.

So if they
truly are unkind
then heed nothing of it.


Today I love with a love that is full 
and catered, and bounded by the hands
with which he is willing to receive it.

But I have found that there is a pain
in loving a poet, currently undiscovered
by themselves.

Lament of a Goodbye

I get you now 
I understand
your role in life
is dark and bland

I'd thought you tricked
and held behind
but where are the bindings?
They're scarce to find.

You don't want love
You don't want fame
you just want
the whole wide world to blame.

When before I went
and felt for you
I'll now walk by
your blue sad shoe.

So I will dance
and I will sing
and I shall do
most anything

To forget that heart
forget that name
and the joy
you could have brang.


Arguing with a fool 
proves there are two
so I wont waste time
in argument with you.


And the branch keeps branching out 
while the stone stays stuck in place.

and the rock is taken to Paris,
leaving the stick to take more space.

and that stick lives long enough
to become stone with little trace.

but the stick still has decadency
where the rock can only brace.

so here's the moral of it all:
when you live you act in grace.

and no matter the shape or size at all
it's a choice to take up space.

Ponder a Friend

And a metaphor is carried to an uber 
wasted on those that bring it home


Oh but to love another

And now in light I see 
there is no wonder as to why
I am alike you in more ways
than you have become like I.

I have waited in your comforts
and believed them my own
however I know now your
environment is not for me.

I have gained the gills of
your swamped dwelling
and learned to keep eyes closed
for safety of my sight there.

Oh but I do now see
that my people on wings
have missed my song
and long of sight.

You have not grown wings
for me, have not left ground.
So in earnest I'll take flight
and listen for that sound that means
you have learned, at least, to sing for me.

Fear like Bravery

"How are you always two steps ahead, 
one map out the window?"

"If I keep moving I haven't time enough
to wonder where I'm headed.
And If there's no clear destination
then I'm sure to get there
ahead of schedule."

Honest Entitlement

Don't cry silently. 
Wet and burning pain
deserves to be felt,
heard, and extinguished.


2 course meal

And you wait to take the fist bite  
because the second
tastes of love