Our Day in The New Land

Adam: "You've been missing
you've been gone! Now
where have you been?
We're you off in your
folly causing another
such sin?"

Eve: "The snake then had tricked me.
I know of that now
and you used it against me?
What purpose does that serve now?

I was gone in the forest
seeking peace from our plight.
Fore you've seemed often cross
by the glimpse of my sight.

And I'm trying my best
but you never quite see.
I'm sorry your stuck
on this earth with just me."

Adam: "I didn't mean that
in that way
that you've said.
I was worried
and I missed you
And thought you were dead.

And you left me alone
by myself in this land.
A life without people is one
you can't understand.

I'm sorry I've hurt you.
It's just everything's new
and I don't know what is right
or what I really should do."

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