On The Brink of Her Folly

Adam: "You didn't." 

Eve: "I've done it 
and now I can see. 
You really must join me 
that's how it must be." 

Adam: "I can't. I wont. 
This thing is not right. 
You've doomed us to separate,
to be lone every night!"

Eve: "I was tricked."

Adam: "You were tricked?"

Eve: "Yes by him the snake there."

Adam: "I see not a snake 
and know snakes to be fair."

Eve: "It's true! You must believe it.
You wont eat if you don't. 
And when God sees this sin
I alone will be smote."

Adam: "Perhaps that is just."

Eve: "Can you think such a thing?
I wanted to be like God
Thought happiness
it would bring."

Adam: "He still said we shouldn't."

Eve: "I know and I've done. 
Please love come with me
perhaps we can run."

Adam: "To where? 
I know not of a place that's not here.
If you know of such a one then make that
now more clear." 

Eve: "I don't."

Adam: "There you see!
You'd have me doomed then as well
and did a place such exist 
it may surely be hell." 

Eve: "No I think he'll forgive 
he's known you longer than I
and would let us both live."

Adam: "Perhaps. But what if not?"

Eve: "Would you want to live alone?
Even after all of this us has been shown?"

The place took a silence as Adam
then sought 
for an answer that was different
than the one he was fraught.

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