His Lego Son

If I built a Lego Sun 
would it light your world with loads of fun?

And if I built a vast terrain
would your joy grow full without refrain?

And what of cities, farms, and storms
and a Lego fire that always warms?

or a Lego man to hold you tight
in the deep of winter or dark of night?

Where if you asked I'd always give
so you'd never have or want to live.

You wouldn't need a Lego Savior
to change your heart and bad behavior

You'd do what was asked, and do it well
but of the experience what could you tell?

You wouldn't know of you and yours
or the value and joy of doing chores.

So do you resign to the other choice
to lead a life without a voice?

Or would you want to do your best
to learn and grow while in the test?

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