God friended me

He posts a lot of pictures 
of rocks and sticks and bugs
and there's a trending hashtag story
of those that run to give him hugs

but I feel a lot more lucky
when he writes about his day
or makes a vlog on how to help
your friends in a special way.

I remember when I first heard
that he'd joined the social click
he had millions of billions of followers
but not me, I had a tick;

I'd never follow a person
who would never follow me
to keep my media clear
And my time a bit more free.

But I can still remember
the day I heard a little bing.
When he sent the friend request
it was the most important thing.

I awoke in the early morning
to the cadence of that sound
I thought it may've been a hoax
but no trick could then be found.

He had a main sort of selfie
where in his eyes there was a gleam
and behind the place he stood
I could somewhat see a stream.

And as I snooped around his profile
I saw a new and waiting message
with his pending friend request
Was this a joke or form of presage?

I opened up my settings
and made sure he wouldn't see
when I looked upon his message
somewhat excited but not a-glee.

I expected something striking
but it was the simplest I had seen
just a lizard emoji icon
without a meaning I could glean.

Then a second message
decided to appear
and it was still a little odd
but made things just a bit more clear.

"It was once you asked in prayer
if I had a favorite emoji too
cause your mom sent eighteen hearts
in a text she'd sent to you.

I'm sure it was a joke then
but I wanted you to know
that my favorite is the lizard
so there's that, and here you go!"

And a final message arrived
with eighteen lizards in a row
and I decided after a moment
that God's someone I'd like to know.

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