I went to Hell last night

I followed a friend
Who’d asked I stay close
Even in the end 
A promise still kept morose. 

And though I knew hell 
was a place not for me 
A place scorching in sorrow,
people who’d never be free,

Amidst all the fires 
and brimming gate walls 
There was a something quite alluring
In the mercy filled calls.

With the spite, shame, and lust 
All neat enough spaced 
I wondered aloud 
“Where is it I would be placed?”

And the devil must’ve heard 
Though he hasn’t got ears
He’s a man without gender 
Hands bloodied with tears.

He crept up behind
But was there all along
From way deep inside 
He’d been leading us on. 

Then spoke with the voice 
That had never known life 
Of someone who’d seen
And learned to cause strife.

Slow were the words 
But quick was the Witt
The Devil then gestured
Where I was to sit.

And a banquet was made 
In front of my eyes 
A luxurious gesture 
I’d learn to despise.

So then when we sat
And got talking along
I finally did ask
Why the scene was all wrong.

The Devil then stopped 
And looked slowly up
Decidedly smiled 
And drank from his cup.

“So soon you will know
And soon you will see
That the torture is here
Only in company.”

I listened some more 
And thought on the thing
What torture’s that a
Harmless chatting would bring. 

He knew I’d been stumped 
And did lend me a hand
I think he was eager 
That I understand.

“Being a person as good as you’ve been
No blame or fault to find 
Nor thing to call sin
Can’t you drink in your folly 
and see my way in
Has always been to taunt you
With what I might’ve been?

You care from the heart 
And cannot let the damned go
So for you there’s a banquet 
As a nice little show.

Your punishment eternal,
A start from here on in,
Is to observe the better side 
To all that did sin.

And though you don’t know it 
I’m sure you’ll soon learn
That in weeping for others 
The tears start to burn.”

I had thought in that moment 
Set apart from all time 
I’d duped the very devil
To live existence divine

that I’d then gotten off easy
Without fire, without torment, or mar
But in time I did know 
that the devil sees far. 

So here I will tell you
A warning of sorts.
When they accept you in heaven 
Just agree with the courts,

The devil is harmless
But he’ll still always know 
How to find where you’re strongest 
And make of it a show.

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